'My garden is a living and ever transforming canvas. It's where I feel most grounded, my senses most alive. Dipping my fingers into dusty soil, taming, tending and planting. The astringent scent of lemony eucalyptus and wafts of lime, jasmine and rose linger in the air. Flower heads dance and grass plumes sway in the breeze. Colours and forms change as the seasons play their rhythmical game of give and take. Home to shy skinks and blue tongue lizards, chattering lorikeets, raucous cockatoos, warbling magpies, laughing kookaburras, two smiling and oh-so-clever border collies, and my beautiful family; my garden is a restorative place where life blooms.

Botanicals is a growing folio of artwork inspired by the beauty of plants and flowers found in my large rambling garden, those collected from local markets or happened upon by chance during my travels.'

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