Distant Shores

'Australians are travellers and adventurers by nature. It's in our DNA. As a remote island nation our compulsion to explore the world has existed for many generations; the need to strike out on our own, to seek grand adventure. For many young people it's an initiation to adulthood. I'm fortunate to have travelled widely and to have lived in a far away land. However, my craving to see and experience more never wanes. I'm drawn to historical places of legend and mystery, of natural beauty and exquisite architecture, of ravishing colour and revered culture. I want to walk in the footsteps of the masters and be bathed in the spirituality of sacred sites.

Distant Shores is a growing collection featuring artwork inspired by my recent first time visit to India including the spiritual heartland of Varanasi and the glorious realm of Rajasthan, the Land of Kings. Also included are a series of works created in response to my travels to the UK and south of France in 2015 where I stayed in a magical medieval chateau, visited beautiful museums and world heritage listed sites and wandered tiny villages and market towns.  For a moment, I thought I heard Vincent whisper my name.'

All works are currently available for purchase, click through for details. All prices exclude shipping.