Happy new year! And a guiding word...

Welcome! Wishing you an abundance of love, laughter and wonderful experiences as we move into 2017. Onwards!


I'm so delighted to finally have an online space to call home! If you have found me via my social media sites, welcome! And thank you for your ongoing support. If you have arrived here for the first time through other means, welcome too! I hope you enjoy the chance to explore my work and we can have the opportunity for greater connection through this blog and my newsletter. 

I trust you are feeling as energised as me by the prospect of a beautiful new year; a blank canvas to shape and transform however we wish. Since my return to a creative focussed life around five years ago, I have dropped the notion of making what often felt like high pressure new year resolutions in favour of choosing an annual guiding word. A word which summed up my overriding intention for the year that would support and provide context for my goals and help guide my decisions and direction. 

I have found this to be a very successful way to move forward, particularly, but not only, in my journey as an artist. And it has made me more productive rather than less which was somewhat unexpected. Interestingly, as the end of each year has approached the word for the following year has materialised without effort. Some of my words from previous years have been CLARITY, CONNECTION and EXPANSION. Each has brought me closer to the creative life I want to lead where art and life are sustainably interwoven. 

In 2016 my guiding word was IMMERSION. Reflecting now, I can see that giving myself permission to dwell and play, to spend more time diving deeper into learning exactly what interested me has had some wonderful benefits. I've gained more confidence as an artist by focussing on an immersive explorative process of taking creative risks and being deliberate about stepping out of my comfort zone. This discovery approach has been so much more enjoyable than worrying about outcomes which have blessedly seemed to take care of themselves. 

My new word for 2017 is SPACIOUSNESS. As last year progressed I began to recognise that my long term habits of over commitment and persisting in situations that were no longer truly benefiting me were hindering my ability to stay immersed. With this realisation I  took steps to lighten parts of my life that felt heavy and burdensome to make space for what felt energising and light. I immediately began to notice a new airiness entering my artwork that, as a lovely friend and fellow artist pointed out, was both peaceful and energising. So perhaps it is true that art does mirror life! My aim for this year is to hold and nurture that space. 

However you choose to approach 2017, may it bring you great joy and fulfilment. I would love for you to comment below on your intentions for the year ahead.

I am so looking forward to sharing more with you here in my blog, 'The artful traveller', including the inspiration I find in my travels around my beautiful big country and to some distant shores. Next time, I'll be taking you on a journey to the Pearl Coast of Australia.

P.S. If you happen to be in Melbourne between now and January 20, please consider calling in to the Brunswick Street Gallery where my artwork is on display as part of the 40x402016 exhibition. More info here...

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